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Become a balanced, strategic & inspired blogger in just 30 days!

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Learn how to blog strategically, boost your creativity and finally create high-quality content consistently!

Here's what we cover:

Find your "big why" & "little why" and learn how that relates to your overall blog strategy
Craft your Ideal Reader Profile, including a visual representation
Discover why you need an Ideal Reader Profile and how it benefits your blog to use one
Optimize your blogging space for gettin' shit done (technical term, obviously)
Learn my techniques to deal with SOS (shiny object syndrome) once and for all
Build your own mini-universe & find your bloggy besties or mastermind
Structure your blog strategically with your Ideal Reader in mind
Create at least six months worth of blog post ideas & plans (class average so far is 11 months worth!)
Design your day to make blogging a priority a few times a week
Discover how to completely automate your social media to save your sanity so you can have your life back
Develop an editorial calendar to keep you accountable and consistent
Make your blog work for you by connecting it to your “little why”
Design a basic Readers’ Journey (or, if you prefer, you can use that scary F-word…. funnel!)
Figure out what your readers really want so you can grow your list without wasting time trying freebies that don’t work
Write and design your freebie aka lead magnet aka opt-in offer
Learn how to warm up your email list so it's primed for selling
Strategize different ways to communicate to your list that serve both you and your readers (instead of using an RSS feed!)
Become a more holistic blogger with a healthier life/blog balance

To top it all off:

Receive both tech training and mindset coaching throughout
Get personal access to me for questions, deeper dives, laser coaching and more via twice weekly live video group blog coaching calls aka office hours (optional but recommended)
Access the recorded office hours for the duration of the four live week cycle
Get constant support and feedback from me, as well as interact with your class-mates, via our own private Facebook group

Absolutely wonderful! I only wish that I could have participated in the office hours more frequently. Every single office hours I walked away with great value.

- Carlie of a Cajun in Cali


Doors close in:

Grab a sneak peek of the intro video and the full first lesson below, but only for a few days!

Before the program I really didn't have any idea what direction my blog was going in. This made it pretty difficult for me to find inspiration to write because coming up with ideas seemed impossible.

I was able to niche down my blog and get it more organized. Now instead of being all over the place I have a set list of ideas that I want to accomplish and I know who I am blogging for.

The most impactful part of the program was learning how to create a list of post ideas in minutes. Jenn's brainstorming ideas are great and I was able to create about six months of post ideas in almost no time at all.

You can either spend years trying to figure this stuff out on your own, or learn it and apply it immediately by taking the course.

Jenn was a great instructor and my favorite part was that she was always there for feedback and even constructive criticism when needed.

Genevieve Rachal of Brunch and Biceps

So who's running things around here?

Jennifer M Smith
Jennifer M Smith

I'm Jenn and I help bloggers level up their blogs & businesses in a sensible way. I practice and teach a balanced, strategic & inspired method of blogging that doesn't require hustling 24/7 to be successful. We work to have a life, not the other way around!

I’ve been blogging on and off since 1999. Wow, that makes me feel old! I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of blogging. I’ve watched the trends come and go and the world of blogging evolve. I also have over a decade of experience in Corporate America which gives me a unique, no-nonsense perspective on growth, excuses & strategy, that I use to propel you to excel.

I blog, coach, and write full-time based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I love what I do and we should totally work together! Feel free to reach out anytime via email or Skype [JMSmith.ATL]. Let's take your blog from amateur to awesome!


Only join this course if you're ready to get honest, constructive feedback about your blog and strategy. There's no sugar-coating around here.

There are a lot of blogs about how to blog, as well as super expensive courses that promise a lot, but if you're willing to set aside 30 days and really do the work, it's easy to see a difference between the day you start and the day you finish.

You also have the advantage of being able to work with Jenn directly. I had a question answered during an Office Hours session that really clarified things for me, and it was nice to feel like Jenn wasn't simply dispensing advice from on high - she's actually down in the trenches with you, passing on what she knows to help you create the best blog you can.

- Icy Sedgwick of

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish?
The live portion of the program runs for 4 weeks: July 11th through August 7th. Although you will have lifetime access to the course materials, the live program is designed with your success in mind. It includes twice weekly live video group coaching sessions, aka office hours, where I do deep-dives, answer your questions and even do laser coaching if you need it. The live portion also includes homework & project review in the private Facebook group. The group is a great place to get quick questions answered as well as connect and support your fellow classmates.
What platform do I need to be on?
This course is designed for bloggers on self-hosted Wordpress. You may still join if you are on another platform but you do so knowing that there will be approximately 20% of the course that will not directly apply to you where we discuss a few particular plug-ins. You will still learn from the theory during these lessons so no refunds will be issued because you're on a different platform.
What experience level do I need to have as a blogger?
This program has been designed for primarily intermediate bloggers with 1-4 years experience blogging. Beginner bloggers will also be accepted but may have to work a little harder to keep up. If you're willing to do the work, you will experience major growth. If you're not sure if you're a good fit, please email me at [email protected] or skype me (JMSmith.ATL) and we can chat about it.
Do I still blog and work on my bloggy stuff while participating in the program?
Yes! I strongly recommend that you maintain posting to your blog at least once per week while participating in the live portion of the program. Continue your social media activities and list mailings as per usual until we get to the point where we address these activities specifically.
I don't have a blog yet, is this for me?
The program is designed for bloggers who have a current self-hosted Wordpress blog, even if they only have a single post. Start your blog now and stay tuned for the next cycle!

Are you ready to go from stressed-out and overwhelmed to balanced, strategic & inspired?